Our Philosophy


Uncharted Waters

We believe that cryptocurrencies are the greatest monetary invention since FIAT money and may prove to be the greatest asymmetric investment opportunity of this century. However, cryptocurrencies also represent uncharted waters, replete with challenges and hidden complexities, where it is, at times, hard to stay on course. To stay on the course, it is essential to establish and uphold values and principles.


We strongly believe in having skin in the game. By co-investing with you, we manage your money as if it were our own, ensuring our interests are fully aligned.


We are in a never-ending search for new ideas, strategies, and approaches. Our dedication to continuous improvement drives us day and night, one Algorithm at a time.


We adhere to a strict systematic approach to mitigate discretionary bias and behavioral deficiencies, exercising patience, prudence, and rigor in every aspect of our decision-making.


We value genuineness, absolute transparency, and staying true to ourselves and our investors at all times, thereby building trust, credibility, and long-lasting fruitful partnerships.


In this ever-evolving and regulatory unclear ecosystem, adaptation rates and user bases are still uncertain. Adaptability is not just a value; it is a necessity for survival.


As elders of cryptocurrencies, we have witnessed everything, including a chronic lack of professionalism. We aim to change that by upholding the highest standards of excellence in everything we do.


Quantitative investing at every doorstep. We are dedicated to making quantitative investing available to everyone, one quant at a time.


By maintaining focus on our objectives and staying true to our values, we are committed to delivering reliable and predictable results across all our algorithms, year after year.

Revision Date 25 May, 2024 15:50