A Word or Two About Us

Who We Are?

Founded in 2024 by a team of tech geeks with decades of experience in algorithmic trading, both for themselves and private clients across financial markets, MV Capital is a quantitative digital asset investment firm born out of the vision of offering accessible and professional quantitative investing to everyone, regardless of their experience, one quant at a time.

What We Offer?

We manage and offer a wide range of market-neutral, one-click-and-leave Quantitative Algorithms, each with a specific investment objective and risk profile. Each of them offers the same reliability, consistency, and investment Philosophy, ensuring that passive income is truly passive and allows for peace of mind.

Why MV Capital?

What Makes Us Different?

We believe that digital assets are the greatest monetary invention since FIAT money and may prove to be the greatest asymmetric investment opportunity of this century, capable of reshaping wealth accumulation and financial independence for generations to come. Using our extensive experience spanning decades in technology, financial markets, and blockchain, we are here to utilize that opportunity for you, while you sleep.

Driven by principles and values that run through every decision we make, in the ever-evolving space of volatility and uncertainty, the space of digital assets, we bring stability and reliability. With us, you can rest assured that you won't be driven by the market, that you're the one behind the wheel, and your financial future is in good hands.

Unmatched Results
With up to ~250% APY (after fees), our Algorithms consistently outperform most digital assets while remaining market-neutral.
Ease of Use
Simplicity is important to us. We aim to design our service to be as straightforward as possible for your convenience. No mess, no fuss, no ads.
Full Transparency
We believe in full transparency. Everything we can disclose within reason and security limitations, you will know.

Want to Know More?

Protecting digital assets and data is our top priority. Curious how we do it?

Without philosophy, man cannot know what he makes. Learn about our fundamental values and principles.

In search for... value. We believe that data can be translated into value. Find out how.

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