How We Protect Your Money


Our Prime Concern

Security is a critical factor in the trading and safekeeping of Digital Assets. In addition to adhering strictly to industry standards in cybersecurity, risk management, and Digital Asset management, we take proactive measures to enhance our defenses and protect our interests as well as those of our investors. On this page, we will cover some, but not limited to, of those steps.

Service Isolation

Our Service is comprised of three distinct components—Website, Trading, and Wallet—which are separated both technologically and physically by location and can operate independently of each other. Communication between these components occurs exclusively through a proprietary one-directional encrypted protocol, thereby minimizing potential vulnerabilities.

Exchange Evaluation

Before engaging in any trading activities on an exchange, we subject it to a thorough and rigorous evaluation. Our evaluation starts with 'Proof-of-Reserves', exchange legal standings and future prospects, liquidity, exchange reputation, as well as a deep dive into the exchange operations in search for possible anomalous practices such as Wash Trading.

Depeg Protection

In the improbable scenario of a Base Currency collapse (Tether USDt), commonly known as Stablecoin Depeg, we have implemented dedicated algorithms for rapid response and loss mitigation. These algorithms are designed to promptly terminate all currently Open Positions and exchange all Funds into Bitcoin (BTC) once the Depeg reaches the critical threshold of -2.5%, in strict adherence to the Depeg terms defined in our Terms and Conditions.

Transaction Review

To guarantee the integrity and security of the funds, all transactions, both incoming and outgoing, undergo manual review and approval. At no point can the Review Team alter any transaction information; their sole task is to review the integrity of each transaction. While we commit to completing this process within 24 hours, we take pride in our efficiency, which often results in approvals within mere minutes.

Asset Reallocation

Due to the nature of our operations, essential capital is held on the Exchanges, while the majority of our assets reside in a secure cold wallet. We conduct daily rebalancing and asset reallocation to optimize our risk exposure on the Exchanges. All gains from non-ARP (Automatic Reinvesting Plan) algorithms are periodically withdrawn from the Exchanges to the cold wallet for safekeeping. Please note that gains from our ARP (Automatic Reinvesting Plan) Enabled algorithms remain on the Exchange for automatic reinvestment.

Proprietary Wallet

For the sole purpose of our Service, we have developed a Proprietary Multi-Signature Wallet. Interaction with the wallet is possible only for our Service using a proprietary protocol, and every transaction must be authorized by multiple factors. Should the wallet fall into the wrong hands, at no point can a single person initiate and/or approve the withdrawal of funds.

Blockchain Backup

We understand the importance of data integrity. For this purpose, we back up every essential action, including but not limited to withdrawals, deposits, and trades, on our internal blockchain. In the unlikely event of a data breach or loss, this strategic approach allows us quick and efficient tamperproof recovery and resumption of our operations.

API Permissions

Our Exchange APIs are strictly limited to SPOT trading activities with constant monitoring for any anomalous operation. At no point can the Exchange API keys be used to withdraw, transfer, or otherwise endanger the Funds on the Exchange.

Revision Date 27 May, 2024 22:18