Polishing and Cleaning


    - Complete integration of the remaining Algorithms with the Platform.

    - Translating and adding multilingual support to the service.

    - Basic advertising.

    - Additional platform polishing and bug fixes.

    The Company

    Fourth Quarter 2024

    - Completing the formalization process of our company.

    - Registering with the regulatory body and acquiring the licenses.

    - Exploring the options and potentially expanding into prohibited territories.

    MV Capital's token

    Winter 2024

    Introduction of MV Token: A reward token for our loyal users, which we will regularly buy back with a percentage of our collected performance fees.

  • We Are Going Online

    15 February 2024

    Our service, together with the first Algorithm, is now fully functional and online.

  • The Start of Development

    16 September 2023

    The concept is further worked out, the goals are clearly set, and the first lines of code have been written.

  • The Return of the Idea

    9 September 2023

    The idea returned, and the basic concept and principles are set.

  • The Idea

    9 June 2021

    The idea is discussed in a random Telegram group.

Revision Date 27 May, 2024 12:08