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Overwhelmed by trading?Volatility got you down?

Invest passively with MV Capital trading bots.

Powered by quantitative analysis and artificial intelligence, we offer transparent institutional-quality cryptocurrency investing to everyone, regardless of their experience level.

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Our trading bots
Market indexes
Market median0.3% 9.7% 15.6% 21.0%
Bitcoin HODL3.6% 65.5% 124.9% 59.4%
Ethereum HODL0.2% 48.4% 85.6% 54.6%
Top 10 median6.0% 35.4% 85.0% 37.9%

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Why MV Capital?

Our platform is founded on eight core principles: security, transparency, systematic investing, proprietary bots, risk management, statistical reporting, and user-friendly no-code operation. Additionally, we provide round-the-clock support to ensure a seamless and fully supported investment experience.

No Code Required

Utilizing advanced algorithms with no code requirement, our platform ensures that you will never need to acquire coding skills. We have designed it to be as straightforward as possible for your convenience.

Our publicly available trading bots

As of 20 July 2024 18:20
7D %1M %3M %6M %12M %YTD %Inception %
Our trading bots
AMVBNS010.00%0.00%14.37% 82.91%286.93%117.56% 1,454.40%
Market indexes
Market median12.76% 0.26% 28.36% 9.66% 15.58% 21.02% N/A
Bitcoin HODL14.93% 3.55% 4.13% 65.52% 124.88% 59.41% N/A
Ethereum HODL11.82% 0.18% 12.25% 48.37% 85.62% 54.57% N/A
Top 10 median11.78% 5.97% 3.94% 35.42% 84.98% 37.86% N/A
- The performance of market indexes does not represent any specific investment. Direct investment in a market index is not feasible. Market index performance does not reflect the fees and expenses charged by MV Capital.
- The returns of our trading bots are calculated after accounting for exchange trading fees and slippage expenses.
- Past performance does not guarantee future results.

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